Indianna Knight Makeup is so much more than just makeup. It is a creative space to empower one another and make you feel like your best and most confident self. 

Unlike most makeup artists, my passion and love for makeup didn’t begin at a young age. My childhood was spent riding horses or motorbikes and playing outside with the boys. High school was definitely a turning point for me where I used makeup as an outlet. The constant bullying I received for being a “tom boy” got the better of me and I hit an all time low. I was always a creative person, growing up singing and playing the piano. For me, makeup was another creative resource to release the emotions I was feeling. After a few years of experimenting with makeup, I realised that this was actually something I really enjoyed AND it gave me the confidence I never thought I could find. 

After I left school, I began working in the corporate industry. I worked at multiple high profile financial institutions in admin and marketing teams and while this payed my bills, I was never happy. It wasn’t until 2019 when my partner didn’t want to see me miserable anymore, that he asked “what do you want to do?” It was an easy answer - Makeup. I knew I would do far better in a job that I was passionate about than one that I wasn’t, however there was always an excuse. I’m not good enough. I don’t have the money to study. I don’t have the time. All of these excuses came down to one thing.. Fear. At the time, I was already living out of home so it was definitely not an easy decision to make, however with the unconditional support of my partner, we set a goal and saved the money for me to carry out my studies. 

In October 2019 I graduated from Melissa Sassine the Academy. It was such a surreal moment. I was given the opportunity to study with someone who was a complete idol of mine and realised that I could actually make a living out of makeup. Just 1 week after graduating, I landed a job on live TV working as a hair and makeup assistant for the Channel 7 network. I have also carried out some other 1:1 courses to expand my skills in different areas such as full glam dramatic cut creases and other “insta-worthy” makeup styles. 

While TV work and creating Instagram content is a great avenue to expand my skill set, this is not where my complete love for makeup lies. My real love is working with everyday people like you and me, who may struggle with realising their own beauty or how amazing they are. I love using makeup as a way to create confidence in each and every person that sits in my chair. I love naturally enhancing people’s features to make them see the beauty in themselves that everyone else can already see. I love being a part of someone’s special day and seeing the smile on their face when they look in the mirror and can’t believe how beautiful the person staring back at them is. This for me is completely priceless and exactly why I do what I do. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, strong & valued which is exactly what Indianna Knight Makeup was created for. 

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